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    I am admittedly stuck on Glock and Glock-like handguns. With more than 25 years of experience with them, carrying them, shooting them, etc. I am just not going to get away from them anytime soon. Lord knows I've tried. Not because there's anything wrong with them, but because I like new experiences as much as the next guy does. THIS however is not a Glock. There's nothing Glock about it. Not a single Glock part rests within it. It is 100% Zev Technologies from stem to stern, including every little piece and spring within it. Hence the O and Z in OZ9. Original Zev. Not a Glock. It is however familiar in many ways to a Glock shooter, albeit with the dial turned up to eleven and then ripped off, thrown in your face, kicked out the window, and stomped upon outside on the sidewalk. Zev amped it up like they hated that dial and it owed them money. This particular configuration is very similar to my beloved Glock G45. It has the compact G19 length barrel and slide, with the G17 length grip. Unlike a Glock it has a 1911-esque grip angle and uses a serialized internal chassis much like the Sig p320 does. The chassis is a solid hunk of machined metal that contains Zev's take on a Glock-style sear, their fantastic trigger and trigger bar, the rails upon which the slide moves, and I guess an ounce of black magic. All it takes is pushing out one small pin to remove the chassis from the grip module and turn this into a G19 sized compact gun. Which I've done for summer carry. It shoots like a dream. The trigger clocks in at 2.69 LBS on Lyman gauge averaged across 5 pulls. It tracks smoothly under recoil and doesn't move an iota off target unless YOU move it. If you miss, it's the shooter - not the gun. You just have to own that fact and accept it. I've heard my friend Dr. Sherman House ask another shooter if their Zev OZ9 was really all that or if it was just a Camry with nice wheels. FUNNY! I had the same questions as I considered buying it. But, I'm glad to say it's got the goods to back up the sticker price. This is very much a Porsche wearing a Camry suit. There are dumber ways to spend $1500. I dig the hell out of it.
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    FOR years I have been very dismissive of pistol caliber carbine’s. I was of the opinion that if I was going to have something shoulder fired it needed to be of a rifle caliber. The only purpose for a pistol caliber carbine was for competition purposes. I’ve begun to reevaluate my opinion. They can be out right fun and the pistol versions offer a great deal of portability for a shoulder fired gun. I recently purchased a CZ scorpion and I am really enjoying it.
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    If hydroxychloroquine and zinc turn out to be a viable preventative measure, then Trump should have his face added to Mount Rushmore. Wonderful and ballsy move being the poster child. That would save the country and the world trillions and trillions and gazillions. I aint no Trump fan boy, but by God Im pulling hard for him in this match.
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    SOLD: Glock G45 9mm with Extras You are looking at what is essentially a spare Glock 45 that I feel that I no longer have a need to retain. I purchased two of these, had one highly modified for my purposes, and left this one mostly stock. Low round count. I would guesstimate less than 500 rounds through it. Perfect in every way. These are rare to find for sale on the secondary market, so I anticipate that it should go quickly. I will leave the ad up through Memorial Day - if it lasts that long. After Memorial Day, I am taking the ad down and returning this to my safe. Firearm includes: Original packaging with three mags and assortment of grip backstraps Zev Curved Face Pro Trigger with Upgraded Trigger Bar Frank Proctor Y-Notch Sights with fiber optic front and plain black rear Retail on this gun is $540 plus tax and TICS. Zev trigger upgrade is another $130. Frank Proctor sights are another $80. Total cost to reproduce this would be right at $750. Selling for $625 Knock $50 off if you don't want the trigger and want me to put the stock Glock trigger back in it. Terms of Sale: Local pickup in Spring Hill / Franklin area Cash only. No trades. No checks. No electronic payments. If you are not someone I've dealt with before, you'll show me your Tennessee carry permit card. First person to put cash in my hand gets it. I will not hold it for anyone. I am not interested in shipping it. Price is low as is. Not looking to haggle or reduce the cost in any way. My time is in short supply these days so I am looking for the least headache in a transaction. Counteroffers are headaches. More photos follow.
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    Henry Single Shot Rifle chambered in 45-70 Govt. Model H015-4570. This is in "Like New" condition and has only been fired approximately 20 rounds. Comes in original box and manual. Price is firm and NO TRADES. Clarksville, TN. $380
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    Thats for the specific subspeicies Southern Catalpa. The range of Catalpa speciosa (all species) is much more broad
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    Celtis occidentalis Hackberry
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    I'm firmly in the "knives scare me more than guns" camp.
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    Up for sale is my Staccato P Duo. I am the second owner. In total there have been less than 500 rounds thru this gun. It comes with everything in the pics. Gun, Trijicon RMR, Dawson Tooless guide rod (not installed yet), Southern Trapper IWB holster and I think I have another holster for the gun somewhere. The guns shoots great and is very accurate. I bought this with the intention of making it my carry gun. After carrying it some I just prefer some of my other carry guns. I have about $3300 tied up in this gun. I will let it go for $2500, the price of the gun without the RMR and all the other extras. Not really looking for any trades right now but might be tempted with a nice colt or O/U.
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    I've only killed one grouse in my life up here in Scott Co. And the fan mount went on the wall with a couple Turkey mounts of mine. A beautiful bird no doubt, I've only seen 4 in my life. One of which was this Turkey season. You dont see them much anymore.
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    Agreed. There's plenty of ADHD diagnoses that are more lazy parents than hyperactive kids. In those cases the wrong party is getting whipped. As I've interacted with more ADHD kids (mostly coaching baseball), I've learned that they're much more engaged than you might initially think. I find their fidgeting very distracting when I'm trying to give instruction ( I was raised to sit still and pay attention). But if I force myself to ignore it, a lot of the time they can repeat back what I said to a much greater accuracy than the kids who appeared to be paying attention. It definitely takes some extra shepherding to keep them on task, but that doesn't necessarily correspond to lack of ability.
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    Absolutely. I don't think that medication is the correct option, and definitely not for everyone. I am only saying that spankings don't work on everyone. Sometimes there is something else at play that is much stronger than any switches I can fetch.
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    I'm not 100% sure he's taking it. Lying about something to push a result (further research in this case) while not increasing his risk profile is well within his historical pattern. And if he is taking it, it's hard to quantify that it's working as a preventative measure. He's not exactly in a clinical trial, despite how well monitored his health is by the White House Medical Unit.
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    I think that if one digs deep enough, they will find that big pharma is behind a lot of the criticism. They don't want a generic drug that has been used for scores of years to be the solution everyone seeks. They want to come up with their custom cocktails so they can charge out the butt for it. And even though criticism is coming from doctors people need to remember two things: the majority of doctors make their money solely off of pushing drugs, and big pharma is known to use the AMA to pressure their doctors to accomplish their agenda.
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    https://www.impactguns.com/Side-by-Side-Shotguns/Stoeger-Coach-Gun-Sxs-A-Grade-Satin-Walnut-Blue-12-Gauge-20-12-Gauge-20-037084314006-31400/ $389.49
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    You didn't. I just don't think it's as simple as we should beat them and they will be fine. Mental illness is a real thing and you can't spank that out of someone.
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    No it didn't. Some kids grow out of the ADHD thing. The ones that didn't, regardless of butts being "warmed up" have grown up to have some real adult problems. There are studies that show that children diagnosed with ADHD are growing up to later be diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. It could have been misdiagnosed when they were a child or there could be something that links these two disorders. And if you are around them enough, you will find a lot of alcoholism and drug abuse in bipolar people. Self medicating taken too far.
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    The catalpa worms make excellent catfish bait also. They can eat the leaves off the tree and make them almost bare. Always our ritual of gathering the catalpa worms for our catfishing trip to Danville fishing off the rocks on the railroad levy.
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    Who is this majority of people that think that? I’ve personally never heard a single person say that knives aren’t dangerous. Having attended multiple patients over the years with knife wounds, none of whom were cut by a “trained man” I’d say your methodology is flawed. The simple fact that our bodies really need to keep the red stuff inside, and most interactions with a knife involve it leaking out, sometimes rapidly, indicates that knives are dangerous.
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    I've never killed any but, I used to see a few Ruffed Grouse. Not seen one in years. Quail are almost like that.
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    I used to. Then I realized that I wasn’t actually keeping in touch with those far flung friends. Social media was only giving me the illusion of doing so. When I’m actually involved in somebody’s life I pick up the phone and call or text them. The loss of those few number of illusory interactions Is a small price to pay for ridding myself of the large number of negative interactions that I had with people on the social media platforms. Negative interactions that are encouraged by the very nature of the way social media works. We are simply not designed as people to have constant nonstop 24 hour access to each other’s thoughts. It’s bad for our psyches and souls.
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    I guess most of you have seen this. I'm all for 2nd amendment rights but these people are just hurting our cause I believe.. https://www.foxnews.com/us/armed-anti-lockdown-protesters-march-north-carolina-order-subway
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    Yeah I was commenting on RED333 saying thumbs up for it being a fair price...Robin is a great guy by all means...but I don't see how fair is such a 1 sided thing like Red made it out to be....probably me being tired and reading too much into a for sale listing lol.
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    Not much of a hockey fan are you.
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    Who doesn't want to crank out a case of ammo an hour?
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    Though you can beat it into them.
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    So have I. And I wouldn’t say the attackers were particularly skilled, or knew what they were doing. Sometimes a knife is simply a weapon of opportunity. Stabbing and slashing doesn’t take a lot of skill. Firing a gun at close distances doesn’t either.
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    I think Pop Pop was referring to those who say "Why did they have to shoot him, he only had a knife". And I agree a successful knife attack can have horrible wounds and be perpetrated by anyone. I've seen quite a few myself when I was working.
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    Northern Catalpa possibly?
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    Most people don't think knives are all that dangerous, but they are. A knife in a trained man's hands can reek havoc on a man.
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    Leroy, I bought my wife a "John Wayne stagecoach gun." At least that's what my wife calls it. lol She has always LOVED John Wayne and commented many times on the shotgun doubles he carried in several movies. Pardon me, but I must set the stage for this tale... It's been almost 10 years ago now, but I went to a gun show in the old Wally World building in Smyrna. While I was dragging myself around looking at everything, I stopped to look at a couple of doubles lying on a table. The seller came up and immediately told me to come around and sit for a while. Said something to the effect...You look like death warmed over...you need to sit down. Well I did take him up and we talked a while. He said he wasn't trying to be nosey, but thought I was pretty ill. Said my color looked bad, and I was weak and just short of falling over. I laughed and accepted some water from him. I told him I was taking chemo and radiation and was tired but needed to get out for a while. As we talked, he told me that he thought so; his wife had just passed from cancer a few months earlier and I had some of the same look about me. We talked for about half an hour about his wife and my story. I told him I was looking for something for my wife and the JW story behind it. Said she'd been so much a rock for me during this that I wanted to give her a present...something that she'd never buy for herself. A shotgun. He picked up the one I'd been looking at...a 12 guage coach model, a Stoger, and said to take it to her, that it might cheer her up. The old gentleman actually tried to give it to me. Said I'd helped him just talking about his wife had made him feel better. I just could not accept it. I thanked him many times and said no, but I would buy it from him. He relented and finally said to give him 200 for it. Well of course I did and brought it home for her. Sad thing is, I never saw him again. Always wondered what happened with him. I really wanted to see him after I gave it to Susan and tell him how she reacted. It's been fired once by her, and short of a break-in or other threat...that's the last time she will fire it. It didn't put her down on her butt, but it was close. It resides in the corned by her nightstand with mini shells in it. Hope she never has to pick it up. Well...you can see I have nothing to do today. Just sit here and bore you all. Anyway Leroy, go for that coach gun! If you want it, get it. At our age...why not? We deserve a little fun.
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    The rise in popularity has little to do with fish and a lot to do with getting away from family.
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    The anti-gunners eat this stuff up because it gives them even more reason to want the government to restrict the 2nd amendment. I don't like this whole situation either, but marching down the street armed to the teeth isn't going to accomplish anything either. Sometimes I wonder if some of those same protesters are really anti-second opponents trying to help their cause.
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    Manipulating numbers to keep the sheeple in fear and in check ? I'm sure it was an honest mistake
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    How so? I run around with a goddamn mask in my car and on my face if ever have to go somewhere where other people are. Finally found a pittance of hand sanitizer the other day that I can use after going about amongst the unwashed. My paranoia level was at about 2 out of 10 before this started. Now I’m one of the sheep. To hell with all this. What happens when the next virus comes around? Somewhere between reason and reality we have all been manipulated....and not for some noble purpose of saving lives.
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    Knox carries on. Compliance is about nil depending on where you go and what time of day it is. Many wear masks but they are a small minority... especially at convenience stores...and restaurants opening back up. This government cat herding experiment is rapidly falling apart.
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    God forbid one should be exposed to opinions that are not in line with their own. Don’t like what they have to say? Just keep on scrolling and ignore them. It’s real easy.
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    Maybe I'm mistaken, but you sound like you are trying to defend TGO because Of my statements; lets stop that. I’m saying that TGO has the RIGHT to do what they do. They are not a government agency and are not required to allow Free Speech. Neither is FaceBook. We all know FaceBook is a far left liberal media. Don’t the users have to know that, and be prepared to have their stuff censored?
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    That would be simple. Know what else is just as simple? The paramedics/cops:etc. asking folks if they have tested positive for Covid.
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    I meant in the performance of their jobs. Same as when people say cops have rights...they don't. They have authority society has codified on them for the performance of their duties, but those aren't rights, and we should never conflate the two. Since it's pandemic time, we seem to be venturing into this debate for paramedics. Same principles in my mind.
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    229 years of Federal and State court decisions, or lack thereof, say so. Not saying it’s right, it’s just the reality.
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    Big "Thumbs up" for robin48 for selling at a fair price.
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    I mean more prevalent across the region not necessarily on his property. Sweet gum saplings don't always present with wings that big, winged elm typically has more of a two-sided wing versus all around, but what I've learned from 15 years as professional forester that trees don't always look like they're supposed to and can vary from site to site. Leaves would make it easy, until then we'll just have to go with a photo that was taken with what looks like a potato.
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    Sweet rifle. You always have great items. Deal with confidence with KahnMan
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    Just to update this, I am still taking orders, those of you who have paid your knives have been paid for, due to the current events that these will be delayed, so I will continue to take orders until the build happens
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    I get it I had a person request that I do this run, so even if just 4 sell Ill still do just for that request
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