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    I have been a TGO member since 2008; more active some years than others, but I am committed to checking in daily. Last autumn I realized how much I missed being on TGO on a regular basis. In the time I have been on TGO, 99.9% of the folks I have met have been kind, generous, funny, helpful (even when I ask dumb questions or make inane comments), and supportive when I have shared personal issues. As we start 2020 I want to offer a genuine and sincere THANK YOU to all who have interacted with me. It is my goal to be a friend, support, and advocate for everyone I meet on TGO. Let's not take Tennessee Gun Owners for granted. I am 64 years old and as I grow older, it is easy to realize that there are some things in life that we fail to truly appreciate. Blessings upon all who gather here.
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    I have a friend buried in Arlington who lost her life when an EFP hit the Buffalo vehicle she was riding in as the medic on a route clearing mission with engineers, so I had a bit of personal interest while reading we smoked "Haji Qassem". My first thought at this was "holy ####", and I'm willing to say it was a happy feeling. This guy was as important as can be to Iran's foreign policy aims, and the stories about him probably undersell how good at his job he was. Both the Bush and Obama administrations didn't think it was worth the predicted backlash to kill Soleimani, even though he was commanding a very effective effort against US interests all across the Middle East. It became a "cost of doing business" assessment that he would have a role in the battle-space. President Trump clearly overcame any hesitations about escalation, which is seemingly at odds with a guy who wants to avoid being sucked into more war without cause (a policy I wholeheartedly approve of). This guy flew into Baghdad airport on the regular, and probably had a diplomatic passport getting stamped to boot. He could have driven from Iran to the Israeli border in an SUV and nobody would have dared make a move on him...he was that gangsta. Until now. I give the President a lot of credit for that and my support, the storm it may bring be damned. A bit of paranoia is a good thing for bad guys to have when they cross the lines that Soleimani lived across. So, I'm quite glad he's dead, because as much as "next man up" will apply to the organization he led, it's very unlikely anyone else will do the job as well as he did, for lack of reputation in dealing with matters requiring personal persuasion if nothing else. While I'm happy that we exercised a model of "we own escalation" as I saw one article put it, the risk could get cashed in anytime. Soleimani was considered a "living martyr" before he became a dead martyr, so he was prepared to die for his cause, and that kind of reputation has a purpose in Iran. Anyone that says they know what's coming next, aside from Iran doing something to retaliate, is full of it; the calculation models are being re-written...in the dark. This is the biggest single move escalation since the embassy was taken in 1979, and we're in some uncharted territory vis a vis how we deal with Iran, and how they deal with us. One of the best things from this is the Shia government in Iraq is pissed. They were always an impediment to any serious efforts targeting Shia forces, and the Quds Force in Iraq. Basically they loved how the US would help them keep the Sunni's in check, and uncomfortable with anything us taking on Shia forces that weren't on "their side" (tribal spats and the like). If they revoke the authorization for us to be in their country, I'd take that any day of the week as a stand alone event. Getting to punch Soleimani's martyr card on top of that is just a bonus, like free pie day O'Charley's. All that exuberance aside...everything we killed Soleimani for was from a tit-for-tat with Iran ever since we orchestrated political changes in their country, and they responded with an Islamic revolution. From the Iraq-Iran war, to the Iraqi occupation, they had their reasons for hating us and letting Soleimani operate in a model of what they deem "resistance". So, when you think of this, be content someone very bad and dangerous is dead, be very grateful that our forces can project this kind of power on demand, but also remember that everything leading up to it came from our heavy handed ways in the region because we saw a need to be there and be dominant. I'll leave it up to you to decide if that's a good or bad way to conduct foreign policy on a gains/loss basis.
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    I spoke to the Handgun Permit Office in Nashville on January 2nd for an update on reciprocity. I was told that all 50 states have been contacted, but so far only 13 states have responded. Of the 13, most were states that already did not recognize TN's permit, so (of course) they simply declined to recognize the new CCP as well. I did not ask about any specific states confirming that they will honor TN's CCP. However, the Handgun Unit did say that one state - North Dakota - has already confirmed that it will honor Tennessee's ENHANCED Carry permit but will NOT honor Tennessee's Concealed Carry Permit. I suspect there might be a few other states that will do the same (recognize the ECP but not the CCP). Also, I've seen Facebook posts recently that indicate that reciprocity will be exactly the same across the board for ECP and for CCP. That is false. I did specifically ask about that, and the Handgun Unit confirmed that is false (again, see North Dakota as an example). The Handgun Unit said they could not give me an estimated time or date by which they expect to have complete information about CCP reciprocity. Bottom line, reciprocity for the new CCP is still being determined. If you want a concrete list of states that recognize the TN permit, and you want to avoid any uncertainty (especially if you travel a lot), I'd just go ahead and go for the ECP.
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    @Luckyforward, this is an incredibly kind and thoughtful post and indicative of the high caliber of people that we are so fortunate to have assembled here. There are undoubtedly those who may feel that they are not as welcomed here as others, but the fact is that it takes all of us and our varying thoughts and opinions on things to make this community work. Even the folks I argue with. I have said before that TGO is nothing without the members, and that is a very true statement. I appreciate each of you and your contributions to this community more than you will likely ever know.
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    xtriggerman makes an excellent point. If you want to carry a SA pistol and insist that it be a 9mm. you just can't do any better than a Hi-Power.
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    I ran across one of these on Gunbroker recently and got it today. Quick blurb from Wikipedia: I'd never seen the BDAO model in person. Browning gave them a confusing name, BDA, which was already applied to the Beretta-made .380s. The included "manual", about 4 stapled and Xeroxed pages, calls it BDA9. If I'm reading the date code correctly, this one was built in 1996. I gave $550 for it, which is more than I would have paid in the past, but seeing as these things are only getting more scarce, I felt comfortable with the price. I'm keeping my eyes open for a DA/SA one as well. The case contains 1x10rd magazine, 2x14 rd magazines, a cleaning kit, nondescript gun lock, "manual", and a lanyard ring. In BDAO config, the safety lever is completely omitted. The trigger is about 10-12 pounds and after about 1/2" of takeup, the real pull travels about .650" until it breaks. Reset is a bit longer, maybe .700". The trigger pull is the same at all stages of operation. It'll never be my favorite trigger, but due to the bobbed hammer and lack of a safety lever, I find it notably more ergonomic and usable than the standard BHP. Sights are the standard Browning white blocks. The frontstrap features serrations and the grip is a one-piece affair very similar to the one used on the BDM, secured with one screw on the backstrap. Being Browning/FN, of course standard BHP mags don't work, nor does any other mag they ever made. It looks like BDM mags will insert but not lock, despite having a similar semicircular cutout as the BDM mags. The underside of the "beavertail" has an import mark from Ohio Ordnance Works. Not sure when these were imported, but judging by the holster wear, this one may have been issued to someone at some point. How does it shoot? Quite accurately if the user does his part. This is the first mag of 10 rounds at 10 yards, 115gr reloads. I put another 14 rounds right on top of that group with the second mag but neglected to get a photo.
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    I'v carried a std 1911A1 that I cut down to Officers size before there was an Officers and assembled hundreds more. I agree with a few others in that it is not an ideal 9mm carry gun..... at all. Its specifically sized for a 45 rd. All the extra girth in the slide & barrel is all oxymoron in typical med frame sized 9mm guns. I can understand the desire for such a classic J Browning design and keeping within that line of character I would suggest Brownings last Great pistol design. The Hi Power. NO ONE can dispute the Hi Power's domination of the 9mm rd in proven mil spec hard ware. Its perfectly sized as the master created it and Mec Gar builds 15 round mags flush. I had a Browning many years ago but sold it to a friend who fawned over it as he joined a local PD and wanted it for a service gun. I bought a FEG Hi power a few years ago and its a very capable carry gun with excellent accuracy. Slimmer & lighter than a 1911 yet doesn't skip a beat in the mystique of John Browning's genius.
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    I'm sure the terrorist in question would have preferred to wait for Congress to debate this for months & make up their minds.
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    I've never made a secret of the fact that my first loves in handguns have always been S&W revolvers and 1911s. However, in the category of DA/SA semi-autos, my preference runs to Sig Sauer. More specifically, the older all metal Sigs preferably made in Germany. Honestly, the newer plastic Sigs do nothing for me and I have no interest in them. I currently own four. As you can see, I have a liking for the Hogue smooth wooden grips. I'm also a big fan of the Short Reset Trigger kit (SRT) and all my guns have them. P220: .45 acp made in Germany 1996 P226: 9mm made in W. Germany 1990 P228: 9mm made in W. Germany 1994 P239: 9mm made in USA 2009 I actually traded my way into the P239. Wasn't sure if I was gonna keep it. But all it took was one trip to the range to convince me that its a keeper. I also have a .22LR conversion kit for the P226 and its a hoot! I love it! Any other Sig Sauer fans here? Post your pics!
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    If you are competent in your ability and are confident in your gun’s proven reliability, $300 or $3000, they’ll all get the job done just the same. To all y’all extolling the virtues of the HiPower, y’all know what’s up. Ain’t nothing like it.
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    I make a couple of gallons every year. Happy to post the instructions, if anyone's interested!
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    It is a special kind of place, aint it!!!
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    Not to mention other professional licenses.
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    Off topic. But after watching several of the FBI and Ayoob videos, I drifted into Hickcock45 again. Man. I think I lost about 2 hours watching him. Love the guy. 45 and revolver videos today. Occurred to me today he looks like a friend I lost a few weeks ago. Same lanky frame, long shirts and a worn cap. Even talks a bit like him. Was sort of like listening to Doug again for a bit. I miss you buddy. Hope to meet up again someday.
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    Yeah. I figured Pincus had less than pure intentions. This is so far above his pay grade. Anyway, everybody's loss. If the NRA hadn't plowed into the swamp when they did, we could be swimming in horrible gun laws. I like the smaller groups, especially GOA. They just don't carry enough weight to move anything much in the big cesspool. And, it's not something that can be built overnight.
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    One way to purge the board is to shrink it to a manageable size that allows it to be effective in its role of providing governance and oversight. The NRA should be less than 1/3 of its current size. Of course once again, for that to happen WLP has to go.
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    I don't want to say that I've completely and utterly given up on the NRA, but whenever I see them post... anything... my reaction is usually severe eye-rolling and violent gagging. Until the NRA board is absolutely purged of the Old Guard and WLP is unemployed, I will have no faith in the organization's ability to do anything effective for the 2A or to be relevant to the modern gun owner.
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    They are magnificent guns. Probably the best of the small .45s, in my view. I will never sell mine.
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    Found and bought. Thanks DJTC45 for the deal.
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    It's time we do this instead of kissing other world leaders........well you know. For the record as much as I despised Obama I never had a problem with his drone strikes. The best thing he ever did in office was send the Seals to kill that SOB Bin Laden.
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    This has been my primary carry for about 25 years now. For me at least, its the perfect carry gun. Its a lightly modified 1959 Colt Commander in .45acp. At that time there was no Combat Commanders, so all Commanders were lightweights. I bought it used at a gun show some 30 years or more ago. Frankly, it was a mess. I refinished it once myself, but was never truly happy with the results. So in 2010 I sent it back to Colt and had them refinish it. As you can see, 10 years of carry hasn't hurt it much. In recent years I've considered replacing it with a newer version. However my mods, although minor, do pretty much negate its collector value. Besides, its totally reliable, accurate and we're old friends now. On the question of wear and tear of everyday carry? I ask, how much is your life worth? As for holsters, I only use leather. I have no more use for a plastic holster than I do for a plastic gun. BTW: the leather gear in that picture is at least 20 years old and still in excellent shape. Its just broken in real good and very comfortable. Buy quality and it'll last. Honestly, I've never cared much for a 9mm 1911. Something just seems wrong about that. Almost blasphemy. If you're going to limit the number of rounds in the gun, make sure they'll do the job. Frankly, if you're going to carry a 9mm, there are hundreds of better choices with more capacity available. If you insist on a mid-bore 1911, I suggest to look hard at the original, the .38 Super.
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    I'm surprised we don't have a thread for this on TGO yet. What are your thoughts on the matter? I think it's long overdue. I keep reading remarks from people who are younger than some of the shoes I have in my closet, to the effect that we don't need to be sucked into another conflict in the Middle East. Some of these kids weren't even swimming in their fathers' loins yet during the late 1970s and don't realize that Iran has been at war with the US since 1977 and we've just not really done much to publicly recognize it over the last 40 years.
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    How about you? (Full disclosure, the 2.5 year old started off with hot dish, he insisted.)
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    Simple physics. Big slow bullet out of a bigger, heavier gun has less recoil than a small fast bullet out of a much smaller, lighter gun. I've shot some pocket size .380s that down right hurt.
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    Just my $0.02, the ATF have and will change things at their will at any time.
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    I couldn't have said it any better!!!
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    It’s rather ironic that the States now most asserting their rights and will as intended by the entire concept of The United States are the most liberal. By “liberal” I mean letting the citizens live the way they want.
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    Thank you TripleGGG . . . with respect to you and a film I love.
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    That was about it, plus a little bit of I kind of understand how you feel. Take care, @hipower
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    I have went down rabbit hole today on videos today too. Hickcock45 is one of my favorite and always get lost in his stuff. Definitely good thoughts for your friend Doug.
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    And you guys think I might agree with you? lol Actually, I have a hard time on this. I love my HPs. But the CZ 75 is one very sweet shooter as well. The HP is a little lighter for me, and that is my opinion. But the CZ just feels so darn good as well. Glad I don't have to choose only one.
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    I think any browning or FN hipower is a solid investment that's shootable so I think you did quite well! Almost as weird as my SFS hipower!
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    https://thatweirdgunguy.com/2016/07/03/ruger-blackhawk-convertible-flattop-357/ The Flattop BlackHawk was the first center fire pistol designed and manufactured by Bill Ruger. Introduced in 1955 and known simply as the Blackhawk, it revived the almost dead single action and brought it into the 20th century. With adjustable sights and a frame built to handle the heavy 357 Magnum loads of the day, but still the same size as a Colt SAA, it was a perfect pistol for huntin’, packin’ or just plinkin’. Sadly, the original Blackhawk was short lived. In 1963, it was replaced by the Old Model or “Three Screw” Blackhawk which was a bigger and bulkier handgun designed to handle hot .44 Mag loads. Along with several new design and construction elements, the newer pistol had “ears” that protect the rear sight and give the topstrap an ungainly hump which the original Blackhawk lacked:hence the name “Flattop”. Many shooters bemoaned the discontinuing of the original Blackhawk or the Flattop as it was now known because it was a smaller, sleeker size than the newer and larger Blackhawk. Today original Flattops command a serious premium amongst Ruger collectors and are amongst the best built mass produced revolvers available. The Flattop’s grip is much thinner and shorter than the Vaquero/Blackhawk’s Dragoon-style grip. But hope is not lost! In 2005, Ruger reintroduced the Flattop to celebrate the Blackhawk’s 50th anniversary, and because of overwhelming demand, continues to make and sell them in variety of calibers. The revolver I have to review is one of the newer ones.
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    An update to the reload technique shown in the first video:
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    My view is that we have this problem with Iran today because Carter and Reagan didn't have the stones to take care of them in either 1979 or 1983. I understood Carter's inaction because he was a known pansy. I did NOT expect Reagan to allow the deaths of so many of my brother Marines, soldiers, and sailors to go unanswered. It's why I get annoyed to see people lift him up as a great president. Had we counter-struck 10 fold back to Iran with cruise missiles they would not be still killing our people today whether directly or indirectly. Will this lead us to war? I am no more of a prophet than anyone else. Iran thinks Russia will protect them but that didn't work out too well for other countries Russia has backed. I don't recall Russia getting directly engaged in any conflict with the US. Selling arms and sending advisers, sure. While I am glad that the US has taken out this a-hole it still doesn't make up for the thousands of killed and maimed at the hands of the Iranians. I think it's a foregone conclusion that Iran will strike back making it more important for the US to strike again even harder. Eventually, they'll either die or learn their lesson.
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    What ruffled some feathers was when Obama ordered a drone strike on a U.S. citizen.
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    Reading the news tonight, it sounds like we smoked a few more baddies while Iran was "taking three days to mourn". Clearly the US doesn't take days off.
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    Yep. He got a few things right. Sending Iran a pallet of USD was insanely stupid, though.
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    I dream of a day when we never have another Democrat in the Oval Office not pushing a vacuum cleaner.
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    Simple answer here..... Your carry weapon is your most important tool/weapon. You should shoot it at the range, or wherever, more than any other weapon! Everything else that you own in the realm of handguns/rifles, etc. is for a secondary level of importance to the one that you carry for the very protection of you and your loved ones. So, shoot the heck out of it and work on drawing/sighting/firing. If you wear it out sooner, so be it. It is to save your life and nothing is more important. Do not use one "like" your carry, but use the very one you plan on saving your life.
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    I miss the days when presidents asked for congressional approval before launching military attacks. Aside from that I have no issue with that guy dying. Iran is not our friend. If we're going to go by that logic though, why doesn't he order some strikes against Saudi Arabia while he's at it? They only pretend to like us.
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    "No body wants to take your guns, you gun nut." -typical "liberal" in the past "Hell yes, we're going to take your ar-15" -typical "liberal" present day Words are often a precursor to action. Not taking these people seriously is a grave mistake. They mean what they say. They want all the guns. "Mr and Mrs America turn them all in." -Diane Feinstein These people will eventually get their way if we don't take them seriously.
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    P J holsters, are the ones I use with my Walthers. They are simple, light weight, kydex ( not thin ), $55 , free ship, there is usually a week waiting period, as they are hand made. There are any number of holsters out there. Usually trial & error. Good luck.
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    If it was TRULY expunged, you should have no issue.
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    I get it, even if I shake my head at it. When the well is about to run dry, people are going to show up with an extra bucket to get ready for hard times. Wonder who makes up the compensation committee that set all this in motion? But seriously, if anyone wants to just throw away money at something other than an ex-wife, forget the NRA and give it to me. I promise, I'll be as carefree with it as WLP and crew would be. The filing also shows perks for top officials that are typically associated with the corporate world, including charter and first-class travel with companions as well as dues for health or social clubs. Those costs were not detailed, though the filing says housing expenses were provided for five people. During that same period, NRA spending plunged 22 percent for education and training, 61 percent for hunter services and 51 percent for field services, which includes organizing volunteers, fundraising for shooting sports and promoting the NRA at gun shows and other events, according to a previously released audit. I'm actually kind of hoping all the accounting comes out to the public eye. I'd love to see what's being tracked in whatever expense system the NRA uses.
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    Give the NRA membership the high hard one.
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    I've started sending all the beg letters back to them with "not another dime until LaPierre is gone" written on them. One today is another of the "notice of shutdown - critical update" ploys. - OS
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