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    I have now been tobacco-free for 1 year. I had used tobacco products for the last 25 years, and I went cold turkey March 1, 2014. I think I have the addiction beat now. :-)
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    They should be delivered to me today, If all goes well they should all be shipped out by Monday afternoon
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      Lotta folks use saddle soap, mink oil, whatever on leather to make it more soft and/or supple. Good idea maybe for jackets and furniture, not so much for holsters.   - OS
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    Why is it once you obtain fame and fortune you feel your opinions have any value to the general public? Is it the elitist lifestyle you live that makes you soooo much of an expert on anything? You don't really produce anything but 1 to 2 hours of entertainment. Your career is promoting a fantasy world and somehow your view of the real world is relative? Get a real job and shut the eff up
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    Wait until to see the next two.
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    Back when I was 6 years old I had an old man that lived next store to us and he grew huge flower beds and people would come from Chicago and buy flowers from him. In his spare time he took me fishing with old cane poles in ponds behind our home. As time went on he taught me how to catch night crawlers at night after a rain so we didn't have to dig worms and we put them in a worm bed that old man and I built. We fed them old bread , egg shells and coffee grounds.   As time went on and I turned 7 the old man taught me how to watch the time of the year that the baby painted turtles would hatch and I could catch about 100 or more that didn't get ran over crossing the road we lived on. When I turned 10 the old man figured it was time for me to move up to the bigger and better things and we began building cages all winter, getting ready for Spring. Then I got my training on another turtle. The Snapper which took a lot more teaching. Keeping all my fingers was priority 1.  A farmer about 3 miles down the road supplied us with chicken guts when he cleaned chickens and we would put turtle lines out in the ponds. I was having a lot of fun but was not aware that the old man was preparing me to become a business man. Once we got the snapping turtle down to a fine science he began to show me the business end of it all.     First thing we did was take a trip to town with my mothers help and made stops at both pet shops in town with the little painted turtles. I was able to sell all I had for 25 cents each which added up to $21.75 for 87 turtles. Then he had my mother take us around to several small grocery stores and we put up a small sign on their out side note boards that I had live snapping turtles for sale and my phoe number. In a few days I began getting calls from folks wanting to come and buy a turtle. We had 27 turtles in cages and I sold 12 of them the first week. Depending on the size, the small ones up to 12 lbs went for $4.00 and the big ones up to 20lbs for $6.00. I kept Turtle lines out to restock. Sent folks home with a big turtle in a burlap bag and  a smile.   Now comes the night Crawler business. We had a river that ran through my hometown and it was full of carp and bullheads and every weekend during the summer the African Americans would come out of Chicago to fish on Saturday and Sunday. They would buy their bait before leaving Chicago and paying top dollar for night crawlers. I went up there to the river bank with a buddy of mine and took 20 tin cans of night crawlers with 25 crawlers per can. I ask a few guys what they were paying for night crawlers and they said $.99 + tax for 10 worms. I told them I would sell them 25 crawlers for $.70 with a $.10 deposit on the can. If they came back the next week and bought baits from me and had the old can they would get the baits for $.60. In no time I had a really good bait business with one problem. Bait was getting scarce cause it was not raining enough. The old man laughed and said that was the only thing he could not help me with is Mother Nature. Well, that is why I have always said it is great to have friends in the right places. One of my friends parents owned a golf course and they watered in dry spells everyday. I got permission to go crawler hunting on the golf course as long ans I stayed off the greens. in 1 night me and two buddies filled a 5 gallon pail with night crawlers and I put them in the worm beds. Never has a shortage of crawlers again.     If it was not for this old man my childhood would have been a lot like most others. When he passed away I knew I had lost my best friend forever. In the peak months of Summer I made more money per week than my father did driving truck over the road. I was able to give my parents money to help with house bills, food and even bought school clothes for my 3 older brothers which were for the most part lazy bums. They might cut a lawn for someone for spending money but to actually work was not happening for them. I just wanted to share what my childhood was all about and I grew up never changing my outlook of being a hard worker. I look back at those days with great memories. Mostly I remember my old Friend Mr Gueson.
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    If I'm not going to shoot it, I don't need to pay for it. A good picture is as useful as an unfired gun.
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    Who is going to earn the money that is given to everyone not earning a basic income?    :stunned:
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    ^^ saw the same thing.  I find it hard to distinguish between what is real and what is money-making, click-generating half-truth crud.
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    I re purpose old wine bottles into new storage devices for my new honemade wine. :D
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    It's not just old, but a bad fit to begin with. Here's a G26 in a soft Remora. Notice how much more of the firearm (esp. the trigger guard) it covers than the one in the OP. I have no issues with using the soft Remora holster.
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    Ouch, that's got to smart a bit.  Seems like more of a PMCS issue than a soft holster issue though.  That indentation looks to be old, should of been replaced some time ago.  
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    I think we should challenge the notion that civilians cant have AP ammo in the first place. I suppose they would have us believe criminals dont have armor (LA Shootout). Of course, the purpose of the The 2nd Amendment is to guard us against tyranny. Tyrants usually have armor.
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    Middle Tennessee Shooters Club in Manchester will be holding a steel match on Sunday March 15th. It will consist of 5 field courses of reactive steel targets with a total round count of 120. There will be pistol divisions for production, limited, and open. Shotgun divisions for standard and open and a pistol caliber carbine division. (No full autos.) Registration starts at 11:00 and ends at noon. $10 for MTSC members and $15 for non members. You may shoot multiple divisions but the entry fee is the same for each gun.
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    Finally found someone local doing hydrodipping and Cerakote. I had these done by Nuprint Customs in Kingsport and I'm going to be taking several more firearms to them. Rifle is a Savage model 10 fcp-sr with a Vortex Viper pst 6-24×50mm and the pistol is a XDM 5.25 9mm
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    I have a Remington 03-A3 up for sale. Bbl. is marked  R.A. 9-43, Stock is an original Remington w/ Original Rem. marked Metal. I'm asking $850 Cash FTF  $775 CASH in the Goodlettsville, Nashville area but I can drive a little to make the transaction. Here are some pics. if you need better or some others PM me your email address and I'll send them. This gun is a shooter, but I haven't fired it in a few yrs. just sits in my safe taking up space for something else I could be using. Sorry but no Trades at this time.  Leather Sling is not included(it was hand made for me w/ my name on it) Thanks. I should have stated that the Stock is an Original Rem. but not original to the Rifle ( I purchased the Stock 6 yrs. ago from an old friend who collected 03-A3's it took me a while to get him to sell it to me before he passed) I'm open to all reasonable offers, just please PM them to me.   Lowered Price- $775 CASH.
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    A funny video my dad and I did this weekend.....If you think its funny feel free to share it   http://youtu.be/0-jflQThRBQ
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    Not technically one of my best shots, but one of my favorites anyway.
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    Been on the receiving end of that one a couple times.
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    Yea, I figured at a pack and a half a day I've saved 42,000 since 92.
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    He hunt? What about a youth sized .223 or .243? Gettim deer & coyote hunting.
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    Thanks. I quit smoking 12 years ago, but it was replaced with smokeless tobacco, which is what I gave up in March last year.
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    That magazine base plate is sweet!  I love how they camouflage it to make it look like a battery pack.      In all seriousness, I would buy one if presented with the right deal on one.  Let us know how she (?) runs. 
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    That's awesome thanks for all your hard work can't wait! Congrats on your new bike.
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    Glad to hear it. I smoked a Camel when I was 8 years old and got sick as a dog. Haven't had one since. Cigarettes killed my mom when she was 39 and my dad got lung cancer at a later age but it was caught in time to fix it. I hate cigarettes with a passion and will always applaud when some quits. Hang in there.
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    With the price of tobacco products these days, not only have you improved your health, you've saved a ton of money too. Congratulations!
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    Mine is the 9mm. I've put around 600 rounds of so through it id say. Although in the last year I've probably only put 100 through it. I take it shooting every few times I go and run a couple magazines through it just to confirm function. If you can see it for what it is, I highly doubt you'll be disappointed. Now, the reason I don't enjoy putting a lot of rounds through it is because I have to modify my grip for it. I shoot with what I believe is referred to as a "thumbs forward" grip, and you can't really do that with these guns like others. I typically rest my left thumb on the frame forward of the trigger guard (right handed), you'll see if you do that with these pistols you'll be resting your thumb on the slide.
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    Yeah and their giving away 1.2 billion in food stamps.
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    But it is another step to confuse, and scare, the masses like everything else the have been doing lately. It was not a mistake, it is proof they were going to ban it no matter what kind of responses they got during the comment period. Before it is all over is and done with the administration will support the ATF's decision to ban it because it is yet another step in limiting firearms. And all we will hear from now on is that it is banned even if it isn't. Already had people on another board tell me it is illegal to own and I will go to jail for possessing it.
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    Reducing the NFA tax to a flat $5 would be nice. Hell, even if it was $100 more people would go for Title II weapons
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    It probably depends on how much you will lose on the cost of the lens if you F it up. If you are unsure of your ability, have a professional do it.
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    Welcome home and thank you for your service to our country. As far as China owning property in Texas, The Muslims own property in every state in our great country. China has never actually attacked our country other than supplying warm bodies to fight us in Nam. The Muslims attacked America and the left has welcomed them in with open arms. Now when you look at the over all picture many people think that China may be an enemy and Islam (Muslims) may be an enemy but the real enemy is the leftest Americans that are allowing these countries to get where they are getting.........................jmho
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    That one's been around for quite some time; and while I'm not 100 % sure anymore it seems that I recall reading that one of the issues reveled was that the holster was not intended to carry a BLOCK and thus dangerously exposed too much trigger.... Thus it wasn't the fault of the gun or holster it was the fault between the earlobes that caused the dude to get shot in the azz.... 
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    I think this is a good thing.   Most off-the-street Joe Public's don't really understand the NFA, if they know anything about it. Trying to push to remove the NFA as a whole will scare many people into thinking everyone can go out and buy SMAW-Ds and M240Bs and run amok with them.   Targeting individuals parts of it like the 1986 MG Ban or Silencers would be a good way to start.   This might actually catch some ground, especially with all the pissed off gun-owners (myself included) that are still riled up from the "Penetrator" ammo ban. 
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    State parks are ok with permit as far as I know .... http://tnstateparks.com/about/policies
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      Now apparently ATF claims that was a "publishing error":   http://controversialtimes.com/news/breaking-atf-issues-statement-saying-paperwork-showing-m855-banned-was-publishing-error/   - OS
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    Right on the money here.  Appears to be a doctored pic (by a kydex mfgr perhaps)  for leather to be bent around the trigger like that.  Dont believe everything you see on the internet.
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    Out of the 13 or 14 1911s I have owned I have had 3 Armscor RIAs:  .38 Super, 9mm and .45.  They all ran well out of the box.  At the time I had the .38 Super I ran across a 9mm 1911 barrel/pin/link from SARCO for 49.99, ordered it, dropped it right in to the .38 Super and commenced to firing.  I couldn't believe it.  At the range I found no discernible difference between shooing a Dan Wesson Pointman 9 vs the RIA 9mm, but then none of the major manufacturers have asked me to shoot for them:)  If it were me I would get the RIA Tactical so that at some later date you can fit better sights if you want to.  If you get the GI model and you decide you want better sights you will have to pay someone to cut dovetails in your slide and between sights and the machining you would be better off with the slightly more expensive RIA Tactical. I don't know which sight cuts the RIA Tactical has but I'll bet there are some after market sights that will fit. 
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    Well, it is unanimous. All firearms sold and in new homes and all three members were great folks.Enjoyed meeting each of them and they all said they will be posting more soon................. :up:  :up:  :up: 
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    Every now & then, even I manage to find a nut!
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    I haven't put anything up in a few days so here are a few more...
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    *sigh*   I don't think there is any proof an open-carrier has ever been the first person shot in a robbery and that it's purely something the Internet's collective consciousness has accepted as a truth, but there are still plenty of reasons not to do it.   The reason that I don't open carry is the very same reason that I carry at all: I just want to be left the @#%$ alone.
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    The way I look at it is an actor telling me what I should do with my guns is like a stripper trying to give me advice on life decisions
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    Grizwald the basset hound Khloe "The Boss" is a chihuahua/maltese/yorkie mix They love to go for rides. Grizwald was too stubborn to have the back seat to himself. Keeping daddy company while he replaces the heater core.
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