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    "Facebook like"??? That's not a selling point for me :P
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    Now this is a joke so lets not go getting your shorts in a knot. :biglol:   >>>> Let's check out Trump's presidential qualifications: >>>> • Obama is against Trump >>>> • The Media is against Trump >>>> • The establishment Democrats are against Trump >>>> • The establishment Republicans are against Trump >>>> • The Pope is against Trump >>>> • The UN is against Trump >>>> • The EU is against Trump >>>> • China is against Trump >>>> • Mexico is against Trump >>>> • Geo. Soros >>>> (ESPECIALLY) is against Trump >>>> • Black Lives Matter is against Trump >>>> • MoveOn.Org is against Trump >>>> • Koch Bros. are against Trump >>>> • Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump >>>> >>>> Bonus points: >>>> • Cher says she will leave the country if Trump becomes President >>>> • Mylie Cyrus says she will leave the country if Trump becomes President >>>> • Whoopi says she will leave the country if Trump becomes President >>>> • Rosie says she will leave the country if Trump becomes President >>>> • Al Sharpton says he will leave the country if Trump becomes President >>>> • Gov. Brown says California will build a wall if Trump becomes President >>>> >>>> Sounds like the kinda president the U.S.A. needs!  
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    This bill is simply one more piece of proof that this supermajority isn't good for anyone in the state of Tennessee.  Representatives should actually be required to work for their constituents and earn their votes...
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    Is it a old 121 Fieldmaster or newer 572?   Extractors for both models are in stock and available here:   121:  https://www.gunpartscorp.com/Manufacturers/Remington-33454/Rifles-37895/121-39477.htm   572:  https://www.gunpartscorp.com/Manufacturers/Remington-33454/Rifles-37895/572-39538.htm
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    Sounds like a lot of good things will be coming. Funny, I have sat in 2 days of meetings focusing on a lot of changes we are making. I was dead set against it until we got into what the changes can do for us. Now I'm excited and can't wait to get the new processes in place. I guess I've changed in the fact I now like change. Haha.
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    If you want to pay $140 I will take it
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    You need a smart knife, or is it you need to be smart WITH the knife. Aw heck just sue them and add the manufacturer of what you were trying to cut too. It shouldn't have needed cutting and was probably bad for the environment! Or suck it up, super glue it and think about it every time you pick up a knife from now on.
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      It simply makes it clear that a biz that allows you to carry your gun can't be held liable when you shoot the joint up. :)   Seriously, really the opposite of original intent of the bill, where if you were disallowed to pack, biz could be held liable if a baddie hurt you.   - OS
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    I have been looking for some 231 powder to replace the Solo 1000 that I've been using for years and can no longer get. 231 too has been hard to find. Last weekend I went to the gun show in Knoxville. First place I went is the booth in the back right hand corner that had the big RELOADING SUPPLIES sign over it. David looked like he had a ruff night of it but his prices were the best in the show. After buying there I did see it in other vendors booths but they were still gouging everybody with high prices. Thanks David for holding the line. You will be getting my business whenever I can.
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    In about six hours I will be getting admitted for surgery. December 7th, in the midst of my world crumbling down around me, I gave myself an inguinal hernia when I kicked a grill into the next county. I have been dealing with it since then. Doctor said it feels like both sides are affected and that I will be laid up for about a month. I will update when I can.
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    After helping out my dad yesterday I had some free time to get in to the forge. So I tapped my inner Viking for this build. The runes are Thurisaz for defense and destruction, Uruz for speed and strength, and Tiwaz for honor and leadership. Handle is 29" of seasoned oak. Mild steel body and 5160 bit. The blade is 3" wide, and the head is 7" from back of eye to the edge of the bit. It will shave hair pretty easily after splitting 4 pieces of seasoned oak firewood. I'm damn proud of this one. Sent from behind the anvil
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    Pay Willis to sharpen them for you with his. :) His prices are reasonable.
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    Yup, they all suck! Time for a third party. Gary Johnson 2016 :cool:
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    Why is the guy who wrote this story blaming cops; did cops start writing laws in Mississippi? Cops are as diverse a group as any. It’s usually made up BS when people start making claims about “Police Officers” or “Police Departments”. If the legislators are afraid of passing laws, it isn’t because of cops. It’s either because they don’t want to or they know they won’t get reelected if they do. “The campus police chiefs of the University System of Georgia” My gosh, that has to be a big scary group.
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    http://www.mrgundealer.com/product.fnh-usa-fns9-66752-9mm-3-17-rnd-mags-845737003616-full-size-1047 $379 plus 30 for shipping. High for shipping but for $410 it's a deal. Need to write a review on a holster I have also sometime.
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    Allow me to speak for the majority here: http://youtu.be/rYihhSS9kic Glad chat will be up and running still :up: Thanks for that David!
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      There also seems to at least sometimes be a divide between the opinions of rank and file officers and these guys who are often more politicians than police officers when it comes to the right of the average citizen to be best equipped for self defense.  Unfortunately, it is these politicians who are the mouth pieces and who end up appearing on the news when the subject comes up - and, even more unfortunately, who drive policy and get to present their opinion as the official stance of all officers in their department.
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    Great news, being the narrow minded Christian that I am, I think God was glorified through the talents and skills of your Healthcare providers coupled with a immediate release to to rest and recoup at home!
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    Beat me to it...that lawyer should be sued for taking on such an incredibly stupid lawsuit.
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    First off let me say that I have nothing against gay people. Live and let live is my motto.  What I am tired of is Hollyweird trying to force it on me. Seems like every show these days just has to have a gay character. Its gettin' real old.  If it actually added something to the story line, it would be different. But Strand being gay adds absolutely nothing.  This is just another case of the liberal media pushing there own agenda.  I've had problems with this show from the very beginning. None of these characters have the skills or the mindset to survive. Maybe Daniel, but the rest should be long dead by now. There's fiction, there's horror and there's fantasy. This show is just BS.  Oddly enough, I'll probably keep watching. I'm not even sure why?   BTW: I have quit watching Talking Dead. This show just isn't interesting enough for me to spend the extra hour on it. 
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    Stage win on the standards!  LOL  That steel was really little.
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    Shooting at 100 yards now at 54 I have to aim at the center of the target using iron sights, even a 3" bullseye fades away at that distance. I have always worn strong prescription glasses and get an exam every year from the VA. Actually the VA does the most thorough eye exam I have ever had. My prescription hasn't changed for years but I can tell my eyes, as bad as they always were can't focus well anymore, or stay focused. I guess old farts need optics at a distance.
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    1 hour and 15 minutes is quick. The last few I thought about and missed. I couldn't type fast enough for this one.
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    Easy answer :) side charging upper with adjustable gas block shut off. Stick it on one of these lowers and your done :) http://www.midwestgunworks.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=SCR-LWR-MC&Store_Code=mgwi Side charger upper http://www.joeboboutfitters.com/Spartan_Side_Charge_Non_Reciprocating_Billet_Upper_p/jb-non-recip-upper.htm
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    Have you fondled one yet? I would recommend you do that first. I recently got my hands on a G30S and it didn't fit my hand at all. That damn hump in the back is horrible.
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    Traditional rifle sights on a pistol don't work well for me as I get older.    I put XS big Dots on most of my pistols, good now. You don't really line anything up, just tee up the golf ball and shoot.
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    My primary background is medical...RN for a 34 yrs, former Corpsman for 9 years before that...I'm an old fart and can't run & gun like I used to be able to do. :mad:  But if you're ill or injured I can be of benefit...I promise...   like many here I shoot, handload, can cast, and do basic forearms maintenance, But I've learned to garden, water bath and pressure can, dehydrate and preserve foods. I was raised in working in my father's meat market and have the tools and knowledge to process meats. I continue to learn and develop knowledge and skills and pray that process never ends. Most important though is that I've learned to develop "community" with like minded individuals with a broad range of skills, knowledge, and capabilities that I know and can trust.   A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects. -Robert A. Heinlein  
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    I can't speak to the shakes but I certainly can empathize with your near vision issues. I had the same exact problem that you have and as my eye doctor said it was very SAD (Short Arm Syndrome) situation. My uncorrected vision left the front sight out of focus while my corrected vision rendered my rear sight useless. Try an RMR red-dot sight...solved my vision issues!
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    If talking for fun shooting, rig out a nice target pistol with 1) a red dot sight and 2) a single action usable trigger.   This solves both problems nicely... red dots are often mentioned by older shooters as easier to use than irons when your near vision starts to act up.   And a gentle trigger will prevent carpel tunnel burn and fatigue.   Hand shakes are often a sign of weakness and can be overcome with exercise IF that is actually the issue.  If you are starting to get parkinsons or something like that you will need to see a doctor.    Try just holding your gun up in shooting position.   I use a very heavy gun for this (my desert eagle, actually).   Then when I switch to my 1911 it feels light!   But a 3 pound weight will do it, or those heavy aerobics gloves or the like maybe.   if its not for fun shooting, ... shoot less.  Work thru a mag or two with your carry gun, ensure you can draw, fire, and hit torso quickly 5, 10 times.   You don't have to burn out 2 boxes of 9mm every week to stay in practice.    Consider here too a single action pistol.. I moved to lighter trigger guns as my hands went south (im younger but I wrecked my hands early).  I now carry a sig p938 .. I feel no pain at all using that.  I shoot mostly my tricked out target 22 for fun.   I break out the others now and then but shooting elephant killing 44s in my revolver isn't as much fun as it was when I was 20 ... I had to back off the recoil and number of shots fired as I aged.   I do it once in a while, but 12, 18 shots is plenty of that stuff.  
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    The aging process is NOT for sissies.  You'll just have to find out what works for you.  A visit to the dr might help provide some insight to the situation with your wrist, and a visit to an eye doctor should help solve the vision issue(s).  Getting some glasses just for shooting may/may not help, cheapo readers may or may not work.   I've worn corrective lenses since I was 13, now staring at 61 pretty hard, tri-focals for the last 5 yrs or so, I bump into small things w/o my glasses.  I can see door frames and such, but not much more.  I don't shoot hang guns much but I didn't have any trouble focusing on the sights/targets about 60 days ago, the last time I shot a handgun (9mm and .22 MKII).  My arms get tired from holding a handgun in the shooting position too, but no "burning sensation" like you mention.     I have noticed lately that I feel like I need higher power scopes on my rifles so I can see the holes in the targets, especially at the 200 yd mark. 100 yd target is ok right now.   I have a cheapo 45x spotting scope, and it is just barely adequate at 200 yds, is it the cheapo part, or that it's only 45x, time will tell when I try out some new spotting scopes sometime in the future.   
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    I thought I had some advice for you but others beat me to it. I'll second most of what others have said here. This from a 53yr old
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    The front sight is the important one for defensive ranges.  Be happy you can see it.  :D   I put laser grips on my carry gun due to dim (mer) vision.  I'm wondering how much recoil I can stand now that I have tendinitis in my shoulder.  Getting old sucks, but really they're all just minor annoyances.
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    Not many of us can hold our hand up that long. Figuring 10 seconds a shot that means 300 seconds or 5 minutes. I could not hold my hand up that long without shaking without a gun. BTW, what kind of gun is it? A six pounder hand cannon would be harder to hold up too. As far as not being able to hit the center, move closer. It sounds like you shoot a lot so I bet if you move forward you will still outshoot the average person. Or get glasses. There is a reason most older guys tend to get into bench rest or other slow shooting sports. It is because we are not as strong, keen or as quick as we once were. But along the way we gain the wisdom we needed when we were strong, keen and quick.
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    Go by the VEHICLE not the tire.  The vehicle is designed to run a certain pressure.  They take into account the maximum payload the vehicle is designed to carry.  Over inflation (as stated) causes the center of the tire wear more than the edges and if nothing else, it can and will make it ride like a hay wagon.  The flex of a tire is part of the vehicles total suspension and has a LOT to do with ride quality.  Been doing tires over a decade now and I can't tell you how many rough riding cars I have fixed simply by PROPER inflation.  
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    You can go as high as the tire allows. You'll run into uneven wear at a certain point.   Over inflate and the center of the tire may wear faster, less pressure the outer may wear faster.   Size of tire, brand of tire and wheel size with different tires affect wear too.   Drive it where you have set the pressure. When you rotate look at the wear and adjust accordingly.
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    There is a Kahr Talk.com forum that has a very helpful group of guys and gals.  It is provided by Kahr.  Go over there and ask the question, someone should be able to help you.
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    Another reason why TGO is awesome. No matter what your problem, somebody here will be able to help you fix it.
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    I know everyone has seen a Glock 17 but I bought this several years ago used , oiled it up , stored it away for my son, and now today is the day :no1: My son is 18 years old today and we are so proud of him ! He has awesome grades in school and in 2 months will be going to college to become a history teacher . He has never gotten in trouble , has gotten great grades , and just a great son . When he was smaller he would watch me shoot and he loved it . I got him a small Marlin bolt-action single shot 22LR . He did great . He learned to shoot my Glock 22 and my personal Glock 17 . He loved them . He even has wanted me to show him how to reload 9mm and we are in the beginning stages of that . So when he gets home from school today , his Mom , Sister , and I have an awesome surprise for him ! I am so excited for him . He has no idea about this . I am so excited to see his face that it's like I am the one getting a present ! Sorry to ramble on and just wanted to share . [Uercel89/media/Mobile%20Uploads/IMG_2975_zpswamhdxrc.jpg.html][/URL]
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    Used pistol Manufacture year was 2000 - picked this up today and it's my first Hi-Power. I really like the bluing and there is not a scratch or blemish to be found. It appears to have been shot very little so much so that internals look new as well. Came with just one mag and I ordered another today. I don't have a trigger gauge to tell me lbs, but this trigger is very smooth and crisp and feels the 5-6 lb range. I'll post a range report next week when I can get to the range. Cheers!
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    Calm down, it's not a gun. She said it's my job to buy the weapons....that said, she provided something to carry them in! It's a Plano Tactical 108031 AW Extra Large Pistol Case. She got it for right at $75. Seems to be designed to turn 2 pistols in alternating fashion (2 on top layer and 2 on bottom layer). But I'm going to pick up another slim piece of foam and make one layer for magazines/accessories and the other for pistols. Well, that's where I'm at anyway. I only have a couple of pictures but it's just because I was excited to show it off. I'll take a few more detailed pictures when the girls aren't trying to go to sleep as the dogs bark because I'm up making noise. :lol: This thing is BIG! It has 4 heavy dual stage locking latches, two of which lock. They provide 2 keys of course. It also has padlock tabs for airline compliance. The o-ring seems pretty well made and of decent thickness. There are two pluck-able layers of high density foam, and they are about 2 inches thick each I believe. In the bottom of the case there is a smaller and thinner piece of removable foam that fits the section of the case that is of a smaller than OAD of the case. There is also a pressure relief valve in the back of the case wall. What I did may not be what everyone does, but I plucked out the size per pistol first. Then the piece I removed, I cut in half with my knife and re-inserted back into the hole. I did that to decrease the distance from the foam each pistol laid on and the one that pressed on the top of it when closing the lid. I doubt very seriously that a little bouncing in between foam would "hurt" anything, but it's what I thought would work better. I'm still in thinking mode about how I'll finish it off. I don't want to rush and then come up with a better plan next week. All in all it is a very nice case and I'm very happy with it. See? I told you I was excited!
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    Me and my dad have talked on and off about a setup to shoot steel that we needed to build for the last year. Well, tonight when we opened presents I got a note inside a box saying "be careful what you wish for". Then we walk out to his shop and I find this! Seriously, I think this is the best present I've ever gotten. I would have never imagined he would build this.
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    I decided about two months ago I needed something smaller for EDC, this is what I came up with. G43 equipped with a Streamlight TLR-6 and a gjohnsoniv custom IWB leather holster. I have been carrying this set up every day for a good month now. Only thing I have found to complain about is how small and light this setup is compared to my full size M&P 9. I find my self checking to make sure it is still there lol. Here are some pictures to look at [url="[url="http://s864.photobucket.com/user/mackdoc1102/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20151201_114429_zpsofqad4zq.jpg.html%22%5D"]http://s864.photobucket.com/user/mackdoc1102/media/Mobile%20Uploads/20151201_114429_zpsofqad4zq.jpg.html"]
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