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    He is out of surgery.All went well.Thank you all.I am sure in a few days..he will be back to post..maybe even later today.He is pretty tough. Petra
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    Not a good move, but it is on all of us to make sure a weapon is unloaded when handling. I would be upset as well, but I don't trust anyone who hands me a gun that I haven't seen cleared. If they took the gun without checking it, they are just as much at fault.
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    "Facebook like"??? That's not a selling point for me :P
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    *Sigh*   I just got this one figured out.  
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    Ok, I couldn't run out of the hospital fast enough. I was out of the hospital in under an hour from the time I woke up. I am on my way home now. No lifting for six weeks so if anyone needs anything from me it will be at least that long. But if you want to call feel free to do so, I have about six weeks worth of boredom to deal with. Right now it feels like I have been in a rough bar fight with about a 1/2 dozen dudes. Definately did not win either.
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    Meh, smack some super glue on it and chug a beer. You'll be fine in the morning. You're a tough guy ;)
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    Here is a rifle you do not see everyday...A Ruger #3 Carbine in .30-40 Krag. This was another one of the guns I picked up in the estate sale. It also came with a letter from Ruger. This would make a great little deer gun. [URL=http://s196.photobucket.com/user/kahrman/media/IMG_2525_zpsbzfawpeu.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s196.photobucket.com/user/kahrman/media/IMG_2526_zpspedgrla9.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s196.photobucket.com/user/kahrman/media/IMG_2527_zps2wwt7sj6.jpg.html][/URL]
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    Tactical fat. I can last longer than a skinny guy!
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     Just got this forward and it checks out true. Ya gotta love that 45ACP !    http://worldwarwings.com/bailed-out-and-shot-at-this-pilot-made-a-historical-kill
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    Now this is a joke so lets not go getting your shorts in a knot. :biglol:   >>>> Let's check out Trump's presidential qualifications: >>>> • Obama is against Trump >>>> • The Media is against Trump >>>> • The establishment Democrats are against Trump >>>> • The establishment Republicans are against Trump >>>> • The Pope is against Trump >>>> • The UN is against Trump >>>> • The EU is against Trump >>>> • China is against Trump >>>> • Mexico is against Trump >>>> • Geo. Soros >>>> (ESPECIALLY) is against Trump >>>> • Black Lives Matter is against Trump >>>> • MoveOn.Org is against Trump >>>> • Koch Bros. are against Trump >>>> • Hateful, racist, violent Liberals are against Trump >>>> >>>> Bonus points: >>>> • Cher says she will leave the country if Trump becomes President >>>> • Mylie Cyrus says she will leave the country if Trump becomes President >>>> • Whoopi says she will leave the country if Trump becomes President >>>> • Rosie says she will leave the country if Trump becomes President >>>> • Al Sharpton says he will leave the country if Trump becomes President >>>> • Gov. Brown says California will build a wall if Trump becomes President >>>> >>>> Sounds like the kinda president the U.S.A. needs!  
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    Will the NOTIFICATIONS also show when someone feels the ban hammer and the related thread ??? That would be a nice touch for those of us that miss out :)
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    Would that this upgrade came with a free eBook of Who Moved My Cheese.  Some folks are going to need it I'd imagine. ;)
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    This bill is simply one more piece of proof that this supermajority isn't good for anyone in the state of Tennessee.  Representatives should actually be required to work for their constituents and earn their votes...
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    Is it a old 121 Fieldmaster or newer 572?   Extractors for both models are in stock and available here:   121:  https://www.gunpartscorp.com/Manufacturers/Remington-33454/Rifles-37895/121-39477.htm   572:  https://www.gunpartscorp.com/Manufacturers/Remington-33454/Rifles-37895/572-39538.htm
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    Take care of yourself, Gordon.  There's only one of you and you're pretty irreplaceable.  ;)
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    he might not be the best,,,,,,,but he is a whole lot better than what the other side has to offer.  if he wins tonight the party needs to "shut the @@@@ up " and support him.  what is on the other side will destroy us and the country as we know it.  so it will time to get behind him and win. 
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    Oh, I have a new skill! It was hiding in plain sight all along and I never realized it's value. An added plus is that desert now counts as training...
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    I sold a couple of Glocks to a member here. Rushed myself and left a round in the chamber of one. Goes to show no matter how long you've been handling firearms, a mistake can be made. I've apologized profusely but no reply. Don't make an idiotic mistake as I did. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
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    Ok, you've sold me on it. [emoji38] payment sent for my TGO (non-Damascus) Magic.
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    Sounds like a lot of good things will be coming. Funny, I have sat in 2 days of meetings focusing on a lot of changes we are making. I was dead set against it until we got into what the changes can do for us. Now I'm excited and can't wait to get the new processes in place. I guess I've changed in the fact I now like change. Haha.
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    If you want to pay $140 I will take it
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      Yes, lets incorporate the "Dipshit" Hall of Fame" in the new board ...
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    Let me see if I understand this correctly... It is a crime for a person to carry around a loaded gun in this state. However, if you pay the state money they will give you a permit that will require private business owners to recognize your 2nd amendment rights? Is that what some of you are wanting? Because to me that’s a sign of a thug government and something a liberal Democrat would come up with. I’m not okay with pitting us against business owners just because it’s a pro-gun issue; that’s a fight we will lose. Nothing good can come out of it until THE STATE recognizes our second amendment rights. And the last time I checked rights were for all the people; they were not for sale. It would never hold up in court anyway.
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    I have to say, the highlight and quote feature sounds pretty nice. It would make it a lot easier to have a point by point discussion vs quoting the same post multiple times and editing out the specific parts.
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    Yeah, but there will be plenty of meat left over to make jerky.[emoji6] Survival is all about perspective.
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    Ummmm....do whut now....move the clicker thingy where to get on TGO?
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    The policia are goin to ultimately have to accept the fact that "Constitutional Rights" are rights that work everywhere...  What is being discussed now is exactly why im no fan of police forces and police chiefs... They answer to no one, and some of them have a strange view of who they are and who we are....   leroy...
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    So I was up doing laps around the bed and decided to snap a picture. I didn't even know I was pregnant but with the screwing I took six months ago I figure it looks about right. Just hope I am not going to be giving birth in another three months. I have two small incisions on either side of my belly button and they feel no more sore than when I got shot. The one that hurts like a mother is the incision where they went through my belly button, it is still stinging. The area where the mesh is hurts no worse than before, at least right now. I suspect that will change tomorrow. Thanks for all the kind words, thoughts and prayers.
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      It is absolutely ludicrous to me that a public service official doesn't know the damn difference between a privilege (driving) and a right (self defense.)  I think it is ludicrous that some, such officials seem to believe that they are qualified to determine who should be allowed to be best equipped for self defense and who should not.  I also think it is ludicrous that this guy - who should know better than most - seems to be stupid enough to believe that forcing people to take a test, etc. before being allowed to exercise a right will stop criminals from carrying illegally and doing illegal things with the illegally carried weapons. 
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    About to talk to doc.He is out of surgery.
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    I tend to amass Glock 19s rather than part with them.  It seems silly at first to keep more than one of them, but when you stop and think about how damn practical they are, it makes more sense.  I have them scattered about now, in vehicles, a couple of places in the house, etc.  There's something to be said about having a standard weapon platform with plenty of mags and holsters and such always at your fingertips.   Keep it.  :)
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    Thank you all:) I think its starts at 8am and should be around 2 hours.. Will update as I get updates.     Petra
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    You need a smart knife, or is it you need to be smart WITH the knife. Aw heck just sue them and add the manufacturer of what you were trying to cut too. It shouldn't have needed cutting and was probably bad for the environment! Or suck it up, super glue it and think about it every time you pick up a knife from now on.
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    Dang that last pic made my stomach do a back flip with the eggs and salsa I just had....
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      It simply makes it clear that a biz that allows you to carry your gun can't be held liable when you shoot the joint up. :)   Seriously, really the opposite of original intent of the bill, where if you were disallowed to pack, biz could be held liable if a baddie hurt you.   - OS
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    The company sent me some renderings of what the finished product will look like. I took it a step further and did my own rendering in Photoshop to convey that "negative space" in the design will be stainless steel showing through. The black areas are laser engravings, permanently etched into the tumbler in black. This is just the RTIC tumbler but I have both this and the ORCA in 30oz sizes coming to me so that I can take photos and post for you all to see and then begin ordering.
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    David is the best, I have bought all my supplies from him and will do so again.
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    Here, Who moved my cheese for the masses.   https://archive.org/details/WhoMovedMyCheese
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    Allow me to speak for the majority here: http://youtu.be/rYihhSS9kic Glad chat will be up and running still :up: Thanks for that David!
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    Refresh your browser a time or two and it will
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    Great Westerns have really shot up in value over the past few years. Iv never heard about the Atomic story. No doubt the Atomic is a hot find. If you ever wondered why you see a red blue on some guns, its due to the fact that the item was made from the lost wax casting process. As the molten steel is injected into the glass mold, trace silicon is absorbed into the steel's surface that makes contact with the mold. That frame may well have been a normal blue out of the tanks but turned red within a matter of weeks. These days there is an additive to blueing salts to retard this odd oxidation from happening. I'v read that John Wayne had invested in Great Western at some early point. Nice find!
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    I can't speak to the shakes but I certainly can empathize with your near vision issues. I had the same exact problem that you have and as my eye doctor said it was very SAD (Short Arm Syndrome) situation. My uncorrected vision left the front sight out of focus while my corrected vision rendered my rear sight useless. Try an RMR red-dot sight...solved my vision issues!
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    If talking for fun shooting, rig out a nice target pistol with 1) a red dot sight and 2) a single action usable trigger.   This solves both problems nicely... red dots are often mentioned by older shooters as easier to use than irons when your near vision starts to act up.   And a gentle trigger will prevent carpel tunnel burn and fatigue.   Hand shakes are often a sign of weakness and can be overcome with exercise IF that is actually the issue.  If you are starting to get parkinsons or something like that you will need to see a doctor.    Try just holding your gun up in shooting position.   I use a very heavy gun for this (my desert eagle, actually).   Then when I switch to my 1911 it feels light!   But a 3 pound weight will do it, or those heavy aerobics gloves or the like maybe.   if its not for fun shooting, ... shoot less.  Work thru a mag or two with your carry gun, ensure you can draw, fire, and hit torso quickly 5, 10 times.   You don't have to burn out 2 boxes of 9mm every week to stay in practice.    Consider here too a single action pistol.. I moved to lighter trigger guns as my hands went south (im younger but I wrecked my hands early).  I now carry a sig p938 .. I feel no pain at all using that.  I shoot mostly my tricked out target 22 for fun.   I break out the others now and then but shooting elephant killing 44s in my revolver isn't as much fun as it was when I was 20 ... I had to back off the recoil and number of shots fired as I aged.   I do it once in a while, but 12, 18 shots is plenty of that stuff.  
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    I thought I had some advice for you but others beat me to it. I'll second most of what others have said here. This from a 53yr old
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    I've been wanting a new pocket gun for a while and ran across a good deal on a Kimber Micro today. I also found a PPQ. It was FDE so it had to come home with me too. Because it was FDE.
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    Picked up an M&P Shield recently for something new to carry. Really like it so far. Oh and of course I had to get a new holster too :dirty:
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    Calm down, it's not a gun. She said it's my job to buy the weapons....that said, she provided something to carry them in! It's a Plano Tactical 108031 AW Extra Large Pistol Case. She got it for right at $75. Seems to be designed to turn 2 pistols in alternating fashion (2 on top layer and 2 on bottom layer). But I'm going to pick up another slim piece of foam and make one layer for magazines/accessories and the other for pistols. Well, that's where I'm at anyway. I only have a couple of pictures but it's just because I was excited to show it off. I'll take a few more detailed pictures when the girls aren't trying to go to sleep as the dogs bark because I'm up making noise. :lol: This thing is BIG! It has 4 heavy dual stage locking latches, two of which lock. They provide 2 keys of course. It also has padlock tabs for airline compliance. The o-ring seems pretty well made and of decent thickness. There are two pluck-able layers of high density foam, and they are about 2 inches thick each I believe. In the bottom of the case there is a smaller and thinner piece of removable foam that fits the section of the case that is of a smaller than OAD of the case. There is also a pressure relief valve in the back of the case wall. What I did may not be what everyone does, but I plucked out the size per pistol first. Then the piece I removed, I cut in half with my knife and re-inserted back into the hole. I did that to decrease the distance from the foam each pistol laid on and the one that pressed on the top of it when closing the lid. I doubt very seriously that a little bouncing in between foam would "hurt" anything, but it's what I thought would work better. I'm still in thinking mode about how I'll finish it off. I don't want to rush and then come up with a better plan next week. All in all it is a very nice case and I'm very happy with it. See? I told you I was excited!
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