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Rifles... 22 caliber Whatcha got?

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Ruger      10/22     10/22     10/22     77/22     96/22 GSG-5pk SBR Single Shot bolt action that I can't remember the manufacturer of right now.   AR-15 with dedicated 22 upp

Stock 10/22 receiver with a Kidd barrel. Factory profile laminate stock modified to fit bull barrel, pillar bedded as well-Bill 

Posted Images

10/22 with a Magpul Stock, Kidd Trigger, Shaw Barrel, and a Weaver Rimfire AO scope

1950's Remington 512

Browning SA-22, Late Japanese model with a Leupold 4 power scope

Henry Survival Rifle (AR-7)


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4 minutes ago, bersaguy said:

Marlin 60W with a Tasco  3-9X40 scope. Was a real Tree Rat getting back when I hunted.

That was the one I wanted when I was a kid. Eventually wound up with a Speedmaster, and whined because it wasn't a Marlin.

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Karl, I think everybody needs a couple of 10/22s! Serious fun guns and easy on the budget (if you don't go overboard). I have a couple, my Tree Rat rifle is mostly stock except for the trigger, bolt release, and mag release and my Appleseed rifle is equipped with about everything, Magpul X-22 stock, Feddersen 1/2 MOA barrel, Volquartsen trigger group and Kidd bolt. I use Nikon P-22 scopes on both and either will shoot consistent sub-MOA groups at the 25 meter range we use at Appleseed. Like the AR platform, the 10/22 is the "Barbie For Men" on a budget. I'm currently building another one that is stocked to the muzzle 'cause I always wanted one.

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Stevens Model .22-.410 over and under (post war 😥)

Marlin Model 60 NRA Medalion Edition

Savage 64F

Marlin 39 Carbine .22s/L/LR

Henry Ar-7

Rohm Rg 10 .22 s pistol

2 Taurus Model 94 9 shot .22 revolvers

Phoenix .22 Range kit

Ruger SR22

Probably some more but been a while since the boat sank and my memory is getting foggy. 


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You do NEED a 10/22


My newest is a 10/22 with a fedderson barrel and a victor titan stock. It currently has a Leupold Mk4 10x scope on it with a TMR reticle.

It shoots CCI Standard Velocity ammo like lasers out to 100. I will work it out to 200+  when I have time.







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Remington 597

Henry youth carbine

Remington gallery gun (model 12)

M69 Trainer (first gun) 

AR adapter for .22


I feel like I'm missing something off the list...


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Ruger 10/22 with an International laminated stock

Ruger 10/22 walnut sporter

Nylon 66 with period scope

Marlin 39A

Winchester Model 67

Winchester Model 61


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I believe you just can't have too many .22s. :D

Marlin 99M1

Rossi 62A

Ruger 10/22

Ruger 77/22

Winchester 9422 XTR

Also sitting in my safe are two more Marlins. A 15YN and a 25N which belong to my two sons. These were their first rifles. ;)

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On ‎10‎/‎2‎/‎2018 at 1:48 PM, bersaguy said:

Marlin 60W with a Tasco  3-9X40 scope. Was a real Tree Rat getting back when I hunted.

I've got one too with a crappy Simmons 3x-9x on it. Its the only .22 rifle I own and its the only rifle I have that it would stay zeroed. Its a recoil thing.

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10/22 feddersen threaded barrel, brimstone worked trigger, overmold stock-

10/22 bone stock- the littl'uns future

S&W m&p compact 

savage 6b

.22 silencer

now that i list em, time for another....

Dang- stupid boats.  guess i'm going shopping...

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My favorite 10/22 shown here with the Hogue stock and some random bi-pod from Amazon. It's a great shooter.

Besides this one I have another 10/22 that I've left bone stock just because I like it that way. Also have a Marlin Model 60 before the regs changed and they started making them shorter. It's the 18 round tube-fed one.


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I got my first Henry .22 for my grandson to learn marksmanship skills.  It was soon followed by .357, .44 and 45-70.  Before getting a Henry I never thought I'd like a lever gun.

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